Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.

The need: 10 years back Catholic Syrian Bank felt the need for a new logo with striking design elements & contemporary color representations that can come out as young, energetic, vibrant and at the same time remain serious without being too conservative. This was a time when Catholic Syrian Bank was struggling to find a genuine alternative to their outdated look. The logo in question was over 80 years old. In 2002 they were still using  their original logo when bank started in 1920.

Requirement: To design a logo that is acceptable through out India, while processing the potential to withstand successfully a global exposure as and when required. A logo that can represent the bank with strong visibility. A logo with vibrant colour values. A logo with the design freedom & application capabilities to be abbreviated and simplified to read as ‘CSB’ within a short period.

The solution: J&B created the logo with conceptual strength.  The design part of the logo, the three crescents are deliberately placed asymmetrically to represent a ripple. A ripple shows progress as it keeps expanding steadily. Ultimately it represents growth without stagnation.

The dark (Sultan) blue is highly visible from the  personalized vibrant (Khumkhat) Orange in the background. The logo & the colours stay in the memory. It can effectively and spontaneously be merged in to any of the required applications now and in future. The logo excels beyond local parameters. It simplicity and refinement gives it the capability to represent the bank even overseas.

The result: The logo became popular and well accepted instantly. It gave the bank a platform for an instant leap in to the future. Rapid growth, visibility & overwhelming acceptance among the customers. It gave the foundation to the bank to be perceived as a new generation bank.